16. März 2011

2 photos ergeben ein gemälde?

ein kleid weht im wind an einer wäscheleine...

eine gedankenverlorene malerin, fotografiert in einem wunderschönen (aber für sie nur wenig typischen) kleid ...

(Frida Kahlo,"Allá cuelga mi vestido" (1933), USA)

wer hätte gedacht, dass eine wäscheleine

(Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States, 1932 )

und ein kleid wahrscheinlich so viel mehr bedeuten können?...


  1. Love frida so much, do you ever saw the movie ? He's great.

  2. i love the work of frida! i saw the film, was in london and berlin, have many books...can't get enough! i think, who knows me, know's frida, too ;)

  3. Oh, so nice to hear that you like frida to. Do you know her diary-book ? I once got it from a friend, and the book is frida's diary. If you don't know it I would love to send you some pictures of it, you will like it I guess.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

    Good luck with your baby-plants

  4. i know the diary, but i don`t have it-it would be very nice to get some pictures ;)
    my "newest" book-maaaaaaany pages-is called "frida kahlo and her photos" (don't know the exact name-it's a german version). maybe you want to have a look, too? ;)
    have a nice sunny day*

  5. Would love to see some pictures from that book, it sounds lovely !


vielen dank*und schau mal wieder vorbei*